The Global “BIG 5” Digital Marketing Masterclass

MICHAEL LEANDER in Australia for the first time: 2 dates ONLY

The Global "BIG 5" issues faced by marketing leaders around the globe... and how you can overcome them in 2014

Wednesday 12 March 2014 - 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM  - Sydney (Hurry - Early Bird Avail., Limited Seats)
Friday 14 March 2014 - 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM  - Melbourne (Hurry - Early Bird Available)


Why you should come to the Global BIG 5 Masterclass with Michael Leander (his first time in Australia):

Join global "flying marketer" and digital expert Michael Leander (pictured left) on his FIRST ever visit to Australia. By the end of this one-day Digital Marketing Masterclass you'll understand the "BIG 5" concepts you need to grasp to make your digital marketing work hard in 2014.

You'll also hear from me, your host, Matt Braithwaite-Young.  I'll be covering the misunderstood and underrated tools of email marketing.  Suresh Thomas will also join us fresh off the plane from India with some smashing digital marketing success stories.  This is a Masterclass not to be missed.

Introducing the Global BIG 5

The Global BIG 5 are issues faced by marketing leaders all over the globe as we grapple with mastering digital marketing.

The GLOBAL BIG 5 issues are:

  • Your role as a marketing leader in a digital environment
  • Email marketing – what you need to know to get ahead
  • Where and when to apply Marketing Automation tools
  • Content creation and management internally and with agencies
  • Digital planning – understanding clicks and conversions from start to finish

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The BIG 5 are key issues faced by marketing leaders everywhere

Michael, Matt and Suresh are bringing you a masterclass covering the common issues from around the globe.  The "BIG 5" Masterclass will help you zero in on the essential concepts for digital success in 2014.  Cracking the "BIG 5" is the way for marketers to get results in markets as diverse as the US, UK, Egypt, Iran and Denmark.  These key issues are identified, and case studies and strategies will be discussed so you'll leave with a pathway for success.

Who would most benefit from this Masterclass?

  • Marketing Directors who need digital growth in 2014
  • Marketing Managers and Brand Managers looking to match brand goals with digital plans
  • Digital marketing specialists (including agencies) who work with internal and external partners
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Filled with practical advice and insipiration

I attended the Marketing Master Class conducted by Michael. As a seasoned practitioner, I found Michael's class filled with practical advice and useful information.

Genevieve Yeep
Chief Marketing Officer,
SendForensics Singapore

Your Masterclass Presenters

First Time in Australia
Michael Leander
  • Highly entertaining global marketing speaker
  • Consultant to 14 companies, spanning 4 continents
  • No carbon-copy cases from the US - all new cases
  • First visit to Australia ever
  • Global digital expert
  • Speaker to 41 countries
Explaining the Big 5
Matt Braithwaite-Young
  • Your host for the Masterclass
  • Principal, Turning Leaf Marketing Transformation
  • Formerly Unilever, Diageo - now specialist consultant
Case Studies Galore
Suresh Thomas
  • Marketing expert for strategic marketing services
  • Highly experienced email and digital marketer
  • Bucketfuls of case studies to share with you!

Hi, I'm Matt Braithwaite-Young from Turning Leaf Marketing.

I’m delighted to be hosting Micheal Leander and Suresh Thomas for this important masterclass.

If you want to make digital marketing simple and effective in 2014 this could be THE event for you.  It's nothing like the "big barn" conferences you may have attended.  And it's the first time you can learn directly from Michael Leander here in Australia.

Click the booking buttons above to reveal an EARLY BIRD offer.

Michael Leander gives you clear, insightful and entertaining information.

I've been working in digital marketing since 1996 (when I built my first website, for Unilever) so I know my way around digital reasonably well.

But in all this time, I've found Michael is - hands-down - the MOST INSIGHTFUL digital expert I have ever come across, anywhere in the world!  Let me explain why.

Michael Leander - different in digital because he goes to different places!

Because Michael puts himself into places most of us marketeers will never go, he comes back with the most interesting examples and cases. He brings you ideas from cultures you and I are (frankly) unlikely to be in touch with.

How can digital marketing in IRAN help you in 2014?

For instance, Michael's found a bunch of highly skillful digital marketers working away in Tehran while the rest of us were wondering what was happening with their nuclear program.

You may be thinking, "what has Iranian, or Portugese, or Indian marketing got to do with me?"  Well, when it comes the the BIG 5, it doesn't matter where you are in the world.  Digital success knows no boundaries.

Could you learn something about digital... from INDIA?

I'm also pleased to welcome Suresh Thomas from India. Once again, you would be pretty rare in Australian Marketing circles if you had learned much from the Indian digital marketing scene.

But when you think about it, where do you think your software is coded? Where are the consumers? And where's the massive growth in mobile going on? Where are some of the smartest minds on the planet?

Of course, the answers are INDIA, INDIA, INDIA and INDIA! Suresh has a few case studies in the area of email personalisation you will love.


The aim of this Masterclass is to filter out "buzzwords" leaving you with a one-stop dose of the "BIG 5" themes that - when dealt with - are ACTUALLY WORKING for marketers all around the world.

Just how do you decide what to pay attention to and what to leave alone?

Imagine you said yes to every new marketing technology and idea presented to you – you’d burn your budget in a quarter, and you’d be no better off.

However, you don’t want to miss the real opportunities, either.

You want to catch the important new tools. The digital ideas that actually work.

The ideas and opportunities that are proven, effective, efficient and scalable.

And it is true, after all, that some of the new marketing tools you can use really ARE fantastic.

So what exactly are the BIG 5 ideas you need to master?



Faster Progress, More Sales

Matt's combination of real-world knowledge and business understanding was impressive and he helped us make progress faster than expected. Most importantly, the project helped us get sales results.

Jonathan Weavers,
Marketing Manager,
Moet Hennessy

Fun, Clear and Concise

Matt helped bring together all the good ideas and present it in such a way as to ensure it was motivating, fun, clear and concise.

Jayne Pearson,
Marketing Magaer,
Plasdene Glass Pak


Matt is one of the most passionate brand marketers. His incredible ability to draw out the key issues and challenges is uncanny, and he is able to hit the nail right on the head with his insights and solutions.

Melissa Houghton, Managing Director, Sustainability at Work


One of the best in Europe

Michael Leander has again proved himself to be one of the best speakers in Europe.

Jørgen Andreassen,
Marketing Manager, FEDMA, Belgium

I finally understood

I finally understood how to structure my marketing so it's automated and how to reach out to my customers. So many people think they've got (digital) cracked, but Michael really does have the secret of how to do it right. Besides that, he’s a very funny guy!

Denis Thornton
Marketing Director , BJC Power, Belfast, UK

An inspiration

Michael Leander is a true inspiration.

Mattias Lundberg,
Marketing Manager, Lindgren & Partners, Sweden

What you'll learn about the GLOBAL BIG 5 - The Masterclass agenda

YOUR ROLE in marketing – what's the SAME and what's CHANGED

  • Marketing leadership is a skill we learn over time
  • Dealing with digital and specialist agencies and new internal capabilities can be challenging
  • This session will explore how YOU can have the most impact on digital in your company EVEN IF YOU ARE NOT A TECHNICAL person.
MARKETING AUTOMATION, data, and lead nurture – the least you need to know – with cases from the rest of the world

  • Why this is the most important development in marketing since the email.
  • How you can use it to help sell more to customers and find new customers too.
  • Why small businesses have taken advantage of it but big businesses are stalling.
EMAIL Marketing, – demystifying email marketing and it’s paper cousin (the direct marketing letter)

  • How some people want you to think “it’s all too hard” – and why it is actually very straitghtforward.
  • The misconceptions around efficiency and effectiveness of email.
  • Deliverability and tracking conversions.
  • The importance of split testing.
  • Are you missing something – 3 old school techniques that have been resurrected to massive success in the digital era.
CONTENT DEVELOPMENT – how to overcome the problem of having to arrange content and copy in-house and with your agencies

  • Why content is such a nightmare for most businesses
  • How to think about content in a more constructive way
  • Who should be doing all of this?  How to make content everyone’s business.
  • Simple copy techniques everyone should know – but seem to ignore
Planning and UNDERSTANDING CLICKS from start to finish – and everything in between

  • Understanding your customer (or consumer) journey and the key points of opportunity
  • What to measure and evaluate, and when – so you KNOW your marketing works
  • How to have a single source of truth in your business
  • How you can remunerate your external agencies, and internal gurus

STOP! It's Not Just Another Workshop!

This is a masterclass with each session involving a 5 step process so you’re guaranteed to leave with connections and ideas relating to your business:

  1. Global and local expertise – and case studies
  2. Clearly delivered concepts and ideas
  3. Time to consider application and use in your sector, brand or business
  4. Questions and discussion for clarity
  5. Follow up questions and networking drinks at the end of the day
Limited Spaces

There are just 50 seats at each event - this is an intimate masterclass.
  Limited Time Only
  In Europe, Michael charges up to E900 for his expert masterclasses. That’s $1300.
  The door price for The BIG 5 masterclass is $799
But if you book before the day, you can SAVE at least $200 with an Advance sale price of
just $599
Let's face it - at $599, that's less than a dinner and bottle of wine or two at a decent Sydney or
Melbourne restaurant. If you were to implement just one idea from each of the Big 5 sessions, this event will pay back handsomely.  All these prices already include GST, so it's peanuts - you just need to decide if digital is important enough to your plans for you to put a day aside.

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Premium cbd Venues

This is a premium event and you will enjoy the day in a luxurious CBD conference facility.

Your admission includes

Coffee on arrival and breaks
Lunch and snacks
Networking afterwards

Tattersall’s Club Sydney

A luxury private club overlooking Hyde Park in Central Sydney, Tattersall's is close to Museum and St James underground stations and within easy walking distance of car parks (we recommend the Domain).

Melbourne Town Hall, Melbourne CBD

On the corner of Swanston and Collins St in the heart of Melbourne, this is far from your boring hotel conference venue.  Very close to public transport (especially rail and trams).
Melbourne Town Hall

Are you coming from Interstate?

Both venues are right next to the finest hotels in the cities. With the savings we are offering for early birds, you will be able to afford to stay 5-star!

Please don’t miss Michael Leander's first ever visit to Australia and your chance to truly understand the Big 5.  And if you've read this far you'll have to agree long copy website pages can work well!  See you there.

Matt Braithwaite-Young
Principal, Turning Leaf Marketing Transformation, Sydney/Melbourne

PS - If you have any questions about the Master Class why not email me at matt(at)
OR you can call me on 0410 598 538 direct (or +61 410 598 538 from outside Australia)
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