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Finding a new agency doesn’t have to be so intimidating.


By streamlining the whole process for you, we guarantee to guide you through the agency selection process faster and at a lower cost.

Most importantly, we'll help you find a great long term partner for your brand. 

We specialise in building relationships between you and your creative, media or service agency. 



Over the years, we have curated a long list of all the best and brightest creative agencies in Australia. With this in-depth industry knowledge, you can be sure that we will pair you with agencies that are the right fit for your business. 

Agency Shortlisting

By asking you all the right questions, we narrow down our list, to provide you with a shortlist of agencies that are perfect for your needs.

Chemistry Meetings

Chemistry meetings help build relationships and find out if the agency is a good fit for your business.

Agency Pitches

See how different agencies plan to bring your vision alive. Which agency will be able to turn your creative spark into a burning flame?

SLA & negotiations

The fee negotiation process is riddled with landmines. We help you avoid these issues by juggling the interests of each party.


  1. Planning agency selection timeline​

  2. Longlist formation

  3. Contacting agencies & checking for any conflicts

  4. Shortlist procurement & chemistry meetings

  5. Preparation of R.F.P, Brief & tissue sessions

  6. Agency pitch & facilitation

  7. SLA & negotiations

  8. Continued support through creative development

  • Selection of the perfect creative agency

  • Development of strong and co-operative intercompany relationships

  • Great creative work that smashes sales and brand goals

  • Decrease in wasted effort

  • Increased agency productivity

  • Mutually beneficial financing

  • Lower stress levels

  • You can focus on doing other work

  • Teams understand each other

  • Improved relationships with external partners and stakeholders

  • Development of KPI's


A multinational consumer business needed to find an agency partner for a new strategically vital project. 

We helped them define the critical success factors for a partnership. By outlining all of their needs, we were able to provide them with a longlist of 10 agencies that were willing and able to do the work that was needed. 

The longlist was then narrowed down through team discussions and facilitated chemistry meetings, and from the initial 10, 3 agencies were invited to do a paid pitch to our client. 

The pitches went off without a hitch, and after some deliberation, our client selected a new creative agency to work with. 


  • Both the client and the agencies involved in the pitch were appreciative of the clear and consistent communication throughout the whole process.

  • Our client is still with the same creative agency, and they have made several successful campaigns.

  • Both parties involved have benefitted greatly from the collaborative and open partnership.


“Thank you for everything you’ve done to get us to this stage – is been such a seamless process from our side and has been the easiest pitch (up to this point!) that I’ve ever been involved in & from the agency responses so far, I’m sure they appreciate all you’ve done. I’m really confident we’ll come out of this with best partner for us.”

James Walmsley, Senior Marketing Manager, Gumtree

"Thanks for running the workshop.  It is quite possibly the most interactive and productive workshop I have been involved with. Our team actually had a post workshop debrief straight after, everyone was invigorated and the ideas flowed.  Today we compiled these and are catching up with the Jemena team to go over them.  Total buy in from my team!"

Ash Patel, Head of Marketing, Reach Local

It has been a pleasure working with Turning Leaf. They contributed so much and have been part of the journey and development the team has gone through... you are part of the team!"

Boris de Vroomen, Managing Director, Moet Hennessy Australia New Zealand

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