We help you align your team on strategic direction and make sure they have a plan of attack to use on day 1 back in the office.

Our facilitation techniques encourage participation across functions.

We use customer insight, teamwork and accountability mapping, along with a tested process to unlock a path to long-term growth (strategy) and short-term implementation (action).

Our facilitators help create momentum and form strategies alongside the people who will actually be implementing the plans. 



1. Strategy Formulation

We help boards & executive teams define their company's direction to win in the market. 

2. Workshops & Summits

Our facilitated workshops engage with the 'doers' in your business to create real and measurable change. 

3. Implementation Planning

We help teams convert strategies into action plans and momentum on the ground.

4. Team Formation & Development

We help you create motivated teams to deliver results in your business. 

  1. Firstly, we take the time to understand your business objectives and find out what outcomes you need from the workshop, conference or away day 

  2. We'll analyse your situation & agree on your approach

  3. The agenda is prepared and pre-work is completed (including surveys & interviews where required)

  4. The delivery of a brilliantly facilitated workshop or event

  5. Follow up to ensure outcomes are achieved

  • Aligned and effective teams

  • Increased effectiveness of teamwork

  • Decrease in wasted effort

  • Lower stress levels

  • Improved employee motivation

  • Teams understand each other

  • Improved return on investment

  • Action-orientation and higher energy levels

  • Improved relationships with external partners and stakeholders

  • Customer and market-oriented growth planning

  • Prepared and ready to win even in bumpy markets


Advanced Strategy Formation

Strategy development by the people who will be responsible for it.  This workshop is for when you have a team that needs to work together to win against competitors and to delight customers. 

Team Alignment Intensive

Developing a high-performance team.  For when you have a team with a challenge and you need to bring them together to work efficiently and effectively to get the outcome you need.

T.E.A.M.S Work

Team formation and team-building done properly.   For when you need to get your team to know each other and unite for growth.

Strategy Into Action

Implementation planning.  For when the rubber  hits the road - you need a GAME plan (Goals, Activities, Measurement, Evaluation)

CX Magic

Putting your customer at the heart of your business through Customer Journey.  For when you need to improve your customer experience by mapping their journey and identifying critical strengths and weaknesses.

B2B Builder

Specialist strategy formation for businesses selling to other business and government.  For when your B2B sales proposition needs to generate more interest in buyers without alientating the procurement department.


Specialist Sofware as a Service from Product and Pricing to trials and ARR optimisation.  For when you have an MVP SaaS product or early-stage SaaS idea and need structures to plan and test alternatives paths to ARR growth.

Path to Growth

Sales and marketing alignment to win in consumer categories.  For when you need proven growth drivers to win in retail, e-commerce and with brands.  Brings together category management, sales, and brand growth essentials.

Go To Market (GTM)

New products and services brought to market with planning, gate and project management tools.  For when you need to develop a comprehensive agenda and delivery system.


  • FMCG (consumer goods)

  • Construction & Property

  • Building supplies

  • Manufacturing

  • Automotive

  • Government

  • Agriculture

  • Food & Beverages

  • Property (Residential & Commercial)

  • Medical and Dental

  • Software

  • Luxury Branded Goods

  • Retail, Fashion and e-commerce

  • Financial Services and Insurance

  • Utilities and Telecommunications

  • Financial Services and Investment

  • Mining and Infrastructure

  • Professional Services

  • Franchising

  • Pharmaceutical Services

  • Waste & Recycling
  • Not For Profit




Before the workshop, we will prepare a full agenda that directs the workshop and keeps everyone on track.



Our workshops bring your team together to make sure the people implementing the plan are involved in its creation.


Action Plan

A plan developed with diverse and cross-functional perspectives is able to lower risk and increase the chance of success.



Our outputs will motivate employees to properly implement the plan through KPI's, outcomes and an overview of key dates.



The cost of professional facilitation varies considerably depending on the specific needs of your team, the numbers involved and the outcomes required.

Fees can range from as little as $4,500 for smaller groups with fewer challenges up to $45,000 for much larger groups with business-critical requirements.

Other drivers of cost include:

On-site or off-site facilitation 

Pre-work and research requirements 

Post-workshop follow up

Administration needs (eg safety or compliance)

Special requests 

The best next step is for us to have a chat about the kind of outcomes you need and how we can ensure you achieve them.



 A large food industry distributor approached Turning Leaf with a brief to unify and develop their sales and marketing approach by revamping their annual Sales and Marketing Conference.

Turning Leaf worked with the executive team to create a plan of attack designed to make the whole conference about generating shared understanding and then action planning.

Pre-work included a staff survey to understand motivations and issues in the business, and a full agenda was prepared to allow the team the time to explore their business and opportunities.

At the conclusion of the conference, a complete action plan was developed, with strong buy-in from the whole team. 


  • A sense of purpose evolved within the team. and for the first time in 20 years, the CEO was able to participate in the conversation rather than run the event.

  • Marketing and sales teams, who were previously at each other's throats, discovered common ground. They were then able to collaboratively overcome a pricing problem in the market by applying creative thinking.

  • Functional silos disintegrated as the team was challenged to work together to solve the problems facing all of them. The new information on sales resulted in excellent discussion amongst state sales teams and the identification of opportunities in different states. 

  • Other state teams rapidly adopted ideas from high performing states.


“Matt did a brilliant job of preparing for and then facilitating a strategy day for the Partners in our business. Matt's style and approach were professional but still accessible and he skillfully guided us through a long, but productive, day of defining our strategy, values and unique positioning. Matt has a great breadth of knowledge and is a professional, skilful strategy consultant and facilitator. He was a great choice and we would highly recommend him to others.

David Halliday, Partner, Aesir Capital

"Matt is not only an expert in his field but he is a very good human who cares about the tailored outcomes he delivers to his clients.

This was the first strategy session in our firms' history in which we have used an outside consultant and as a result, there was some nervousness surrounding the project. We needn't have worried.

Anyone reading this review can take it for granted that Matt absolutely has the background knowledge and know-how when it comes to strategy facilitation as well as detailed knowledge regarding the various strategy models out there.


What I would like to articulate in this review, is the care, attention, and detail that Matt gave up front in order to really tease out what our organization required and wanted to get out of this project. Once established, he designed a tailor-made program to facilitate the desired outcomes. It was clear that there was a significant amount of work put in at the front end in order to deliver the fantastic results at the back end. 

Highly recommended."

Amar Jassal, General Manager, Marshall Investments

“Turning Leaf provided the experience and guidance to really take our sales and marketing plan to the next level, and we appreciate your input. Turning Leaf exceeded our expectations...you helped bring together all the good ideas and present it in such a way as to ensure it was motivating, fun, clear and concise. Your facilitation turned the ideas into an action plan, which is such an important, and sometimes overlooked or undervalued step. Thank you for your energy, enthusiasm, shared experience and professionalism.”

Jayne Pearson, Marketing Manager, Plasdene Glass Pak