Digital Transformation.

If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re running 100m behind your competition, and 1000m behind your customer.


But don’t despair.


After all, business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Walk Before You Can Run.

As customers shift to digital, it's only natural that we follow them. But what if you stopped chasing your customer? Why not take a moment to find a quicker route to the finish line?

By slowing down to do some planning, you can get to the finish line first – then just wait for your customers to roll in. 

Slow Down To Speed Up.

Turning Leaf helps you accelerate your digital transformation by analysing what customer experience improvements will have a significant impact on your sales growth.

We help you plan your digital transformation, avoid the common traps and agree on a transformation action plan  (TAP) that uses your advantages to meet customer needs better than your competition.

Does This sound Like You?

If you have any of these issues, Turning Leaf could help you.

  • Fragmented customer experiences

  • Inconsistent digital strategy & marketing channels

  • Outdated websites & integrated technology

  • Directionless online brand

  • Non-existent data planning, CRM and automation

  • Poor Lead funnels and conversion rate optimisation

  • Lacklustre e-commerce sales

  • A need for agency shortlisting and selection

  • A lack of culture, stakeholder and teamwork alignment

You're no the first to stare down these problems. In fact, the path towards digital transformation is well worn. But this has left it riddled with potholes. 


Potholes. And lots of them. 

One of the scariest is a lack of alignment between decision-makers. 

When managers haven't taken the time to form a concise, customer focussed strategy, they have already conceded the game before they've taken the field. 

What we've seen time and time again, is that you do have the answer. It can just take some digging to uncover.

In fact, our R3 process was specially designed to pick your brains and find the best customer-focused solution for your digital transformation. 

Recruit, Retain, Realise

The R3 process looks to improve your understanding of your customers and increase their lifetime value to your business. This is done by analysing three crucial business functions. 

The first 'R' is focussed on how you Recruit customers. This begins with an assessment of your customer, segmenting the market, and finding your perfect target market. Outputs can include a digital sales funnel and customer journey maps. 

We then look at how your digital transformation will Retain customers. A large chunk of this is designing an enjoyable customer experience. One that keeps customers coming back and leaves your competition to eat your dust. 

Lastly, we will help you Realise your digital transformation. We're not web developers, nor are we designers. But we're experts at writing ironclad briefs and finding the perfect web agencies to do the build. We won't let your agency go off the rails and build what they want to build, or let IT jump on the latest fad that they want to play with. We are there to make sure your transformation gets completed the way you want it.

You Don't Live In A Vacuum. 

You can transform your business on your own. I know you can. But, according to the big men upstairs (McKinsey & Company) 70% of Digital transformation initiatives don't reach their goals. 

There are many reasons why these initiatives don't succeed. But the real issue is that these failures are totally avoidable. We have successfully helped businesses like yours reach your customers for the past 15 years. 

And we can give you a better result than McKinsey at 1/5th the price. Guaranteed. 

We believe that 80% of digital transformation is not about technology - it's about the people behind it. And with Turning Leaf, you'll reduce the project's risk, teams will be more aligned, development costs will be reduced, and most importantly, your customers will love buying from you again and again. ​

So, what now?

A good jumping-off point is to do an audit of your current digital offerings. 

Our 27 Point R3 Benchmark Audit provides an in-depth analysis of your business through the scope of the R3 model. This analysis is the foundation for any successful digital transformation, as it will allow you to understand your current strategic position.


The audit includes:

  • 30-minute interviews with 5 key stakeholders 

  • Analytic analysis of your current website

  • Creation of customer profiles

  • Current Business Model Canvas

  • And you will receive an overall digital competency score, based on industry benchmarks

This audit is valued at $4,840. However, if you call us within the next 10 minutes we'll give you this audit for half price.

Call now on (02) 9002 3100 for a free 30-minute consultation about your digital transformation challenges and goals. 

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