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Swatch: is Swiss time running out?

The one-time saviour of the Swiss watch industry, Swatch Group, is now the proud parent of a stable of icon brands.


But Swatch Group stands at a crossroads as its board battles to stabilise its share price in bleak economic conditions.


With a rich legacy and leading position in the global industry, should Swatch push further into the realm of luxury watches, or widen its appeal with more accessible offerings?

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Toyota: Revving Up for the Future

It's the dawn of a new era for Toyota, the world's largest car company, holding a towering 11% share of the global market and a massive 18% here in Australia.


Toyota has long been a symbol of innovation and efficiency in the automobile world, but as the green revolution of the 21st century unfolds, Toyota needs to make a big decision.

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Aldi: In the Bag or Up in Smoke?

1946 Germany, right after the end of WWII. The nation is in trouble, and families are struggling to put food on the table. Enter Karl and Theo Albrecht, two brothers with a grand vision—to make quality groceries accessible to everyone.


But a brotherly scuffle is about to rapidly change the course of their business.

Ample Hills: The Cream of the Crop?

A charming ice cream shop in Brooklyn turned national sensation, and quickly found itself at a precarious crossroads.

Did they ride the wave of their surging popularity and rapidly scale? Or tread a more cautious path, potentially missing their opportunity to become the next Ben & Jerry’s?

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