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Turning Leaf will help you put your customer back at the heart of your strategy


A strong strategy makes the difference between enduring, profitable growth and the misery of decline.  Good strategies bring increased sales, market share and sets up a virtuous cycle of brand awareness and customer satisfaction.


1. Slowing or sluggish year on year growth

2. Confusion, misalignment or wasted energy in teams

3. Lost market share to competitors

4. Issues ignored willfully or through blindness/familiarity

5. Frustration & lack of focus in teams



Roadblocks and issues will be addressed so that employees are able to confidently take actions to win against the competition.


Clarity on what direction the business is going allows individuals to make the right choices and focus on your business’ must-win battles.


A well-aligned team is aware of what role each member fulfills and makes sure each individual is held accountable for the success of the organization as a whole.


Turning Leaf can help with any aspect of growth strategy, including:

  • Competitor analysis

  • Market segmentation

  • Consumer and customer research

  • Brand positioning

  • Value proposition development

  • Category and market strategy

  • Business plan creation

  • Channel planning

  • Portfolio planning and positioning

  • Implementation planning

  • Customer value optimisation

  • Sales planning


All our strategy work begins and ends with your ultimate profit center – your customer.

We have a simple approach to strategy formulation:

  • What challenge or problem are you trying to solve?

  • What guiding policies would help your organisation meet the challenge and win in your chosen market?

  • What suite of actions, when unified, would realistically get you the outcome you need?

We tailor a strategy development process to suit your company and its specific market, employee and stakeholder needs.

Our process usually involves:

  1. Kick-off and stakeholder interviews

  2. Problem definition and issues identification

  3. Information review and hypothesis development

  4. Insight development and application planning

  5. Implementation planning

  6. Measurement planning


  • 3-5 year strategic plan (strategy pyramid)

  • 1-2 year GAME plan – implementation Goals Activities Measurement Evaluation

  • Market and competitive mapping and trends

  • Consumer Insight and application

  • P&L (Profit and Loss) and market share projections

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Brand positioning statement /value proposition

  • New Product Development plan

  • Category plan

  • Measurement plan

  • Dashboards and KPIs

  • Workplans and RASCIs (teamwork models)

  • Transformation planning and change management


A mid-sized family-owned construction firm approached Turning Leaf with a strategy challenge. Their sales were slowing and branded market share in key categories was declining. On top of this, there were internal clashes between the interests of family members and employees.

Through a series of facilitated strategy development seminars, we reviewed the facts and came up with options for turning the business back to growth. After validating the suggested strategies, we suggested a focus on two key brands (and reduced focus on others) in high-growth categories.


  • The revised strategy created a new level of engagement with their wholesalers and end customers.

  • A collaborative work ethic was fostered within the company, as all of the concerns of each party were addressed.

  • The business saw significant share gains and returned to profitable growth even in a difficult economic environment.


  • 3-year Strategy Pyramid (as seen below)

  • G.A.M.E. Plan (Goals, Activities, Measurement & Evaluation)

  • Competitor analysis and market segmentation

  • SWOT analysis

  • Brand positioning statement and brand personality identification

Output examples.jpg


“Over the past 2 years Turning Leaf has helped Moet Hennessy successfully grow several premium brands in a difficult marketplace.  We’re very careful about choosing external specialists that stop at nothing to get results, and I’d definitely recommend Turning Leaf”

Jonathan Weavers, Marketing Manager,

Moet Hennessy Australia

We are delighted with the strategic planning sessions we have run with Turning Leaf.  The sessions are honest, fun and thought provoking, providing real actions for our team to put in to place and real measures for us to monitor effectiveness.  We have no hesitation in recommending Turning Leaf to any organisation seeking expertise to further develop their business.  

Sarah Allen, General Manager, ATS

“The National Breast Cancer Foundation asked Matt to help us develop a long term branding and sponsorship strategy, to help us fuel our future growth. The processes brought clarity to our team and delivered valuable new insights. Matt led an extensive review of our situation and developed a clear set of strategic recommendations, all of which have been adopted by the National Breast Cancer Foundation board....”

Sue Murray, CEO, National Breast Cancer Foundation

“Turning Leaf helped develop our marketing capability to world-class level. We operate in a very complex and rapidly changing markets so it was essential to identify the right direction for the business and to put the right next steps in place. We look forward to our next project together.”

Frazer G. Hill, General Manager, Jemena

Turning Leaf was fantastic and exceeded our expectations. As an emerging tech startup, we needed someone with considerable expertise who could deliver on a tight budget and they delivered. Our project was very complex, with both existing and new markets. Matt quickly gained an understanding of the marketing terrain and our key objective to help develop a plan we are confident will catapult us into our next stage of growth.

Keith Sue, Founder, Six8

"Matt is a valuable strategist, and expert in his field. He has broad experience, has worked in the trenches, and can apply this plus marketing theory to real life challenges in business. Besides this, we have found him to be honest, and great to work with"

Ben Gooden, Marketing Manager, Citygreen

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