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Hybrid Work Planning

The world of business thrives on effective teamwork. Individual talents contribute to the big picture, but it's the collaborative synergy that catapults projects and companies to new heights. As in any team sport, players must unite and strategise to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. In the post-COVID era, finding the perfect balance between in-person and online collaboration is crucial to ensure business success.

In the age of remote work, the significance of in-person collaboration is more critical than ever. Turning Leaf's 'Return to Work' sessions are meticulously crafted to reassemble your team post-COVID, enhancing employee relationships and performance. Experience the profound impact of face-to-face interaction, as teams forge stronger bonds, communicate more effectively, and exchange ideas with unrestrained freedom.

Unlock the Potential of Face-to-Face Interactions

When teams collaborate in person, a world of possibilities unfolds. They can brainstorm innovative solutions, dissect complex challenges, and synchronise their strategies. By assigning responsibilities and establishing deadlines, team members foster a sense of shared ownership and accountability, propelling motivation and productivity to unparalleled levels.

Cultivate Camaraderie and Team Spirit

In-person collaboration not only accelerates professional growth but also nurtures personal connections. By working together, team members cultivate camaraderie and team spirit, fortifying their resilience during turbulent times. A more inclusive work environment emerges, where each individual's unique skills and perspectives are valued and celebrated.

Discover the Perfect Blend of Remote and In-Person Collaboration

In today's landscape, remote work is inevitably going to exist in most organisations. However, Turning Leaf's Hybrid Work Planning Facilitation Module offers a seamless fusion of remote and in-person collaboration, optimising team performance and satisfaction. Schedule regular video meetings or organise safe, in-person team-building activities to keep the spirit of collaboration alive.

Elevate Your Team to New Heights with Turning Leaf

Teamwork in business is a harmonious blend of strategy and collaboration. Rekindle the spark of in-person interaction and watch your team's potential soar. With Turning Leaf's Post-COVID Hybrid Work Planning Facilitation Module, empower your team to achieve a united vision and revel in the triumphs of collective success. Experience real change within your business, and make the future a brighter place for all.


Understand Your Business Landscape

Build Team Spirit

Keep Your Team Engaged and Productive

Improve Communication

Increase Team Productivity

Don't leave your business's success to chance...

It's essential you find a facilitator who understands your industry, fits your culture, and has experience guiding team conversations through the appropriate framework for the growth phase of your business.


A leading Australian software development company faced the challenge of transitioning their workforce back to the office after many months of remote work due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Seeking a seamless integration of in-person and remote work, they turned to Turning Leaf's Hybrid Work Planning Facilitation Module to reimagine their team dynamics and cultivate a more inclusive, productive work environment.

The Challenge

The company's teams were struggling with communication breakdowns, dwindling motivation, and a growing sense of isolation as a result of prolonged remote work. The company urgently needed to redefine its work culture and find the perfect balance between in-person and remote collaboration to drive productivity, strengthen employee relationships, and foster a sense of belonging.

The Solution

Turning Leaf conducted a series of bespoke 'Return to Work' sessions, focused on re-establishing team cohesion and mapping out an optimal hybrid work model. These sessions included:

  1. Icebreakers and team-building exercises: Designed to strengthen interpersonal connections and cultivate camaraderie, these activities encouraged open communication and rekindled team spirit.

  2. Collaborative discussions and brainstorming: Teams engaged in dynamic conversations to identify challenges in their current work processes, share experiences from remote work, and explore ideas for improved collaboration.

  3. Customised strategy development: Turning Leaf guided the teams in formulating a comprehensive hybrid work plan, addressing communication protocols, task management, flexible work arrangements, and team-building initiatives.

  4. Implementation and follow-up: The company implemented the devised hybrid work plan, with Turning Leaf providing ongoing support and monitoring progress to ensure long-term success.

The Results

The company witnessed a remarkable transformation after implementing the Hybrid Work Planning Facilitation Module:

  • Enhanced communication: The new hybrid work model streamlined communication channels, reducing misunderstandings and fostering a more supportive work atmosphere.

  • Increased productivity: With a clear plan in place and improved team dynamics, the company observed a significant boost in project completion rates and overall productivity.

  • Stronger employee relationships: The facilitated workshops re-established trust and rapport among team members, fostering a more inclusive and collaborative work environment.

  • Elevated employee satisfaction: The company has experienced reduced employee turnover and increased job satisfaction as a result of the positive changes in work culture and team dynamics.


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