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Digital Levers: The 63 Ways To Sell More Online

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

Many of our clients are eager to accelerate their Digital Transformation projects right now. And if that's you, you're not alone – over the last 8 weeks, the household penetration of e-commerce retail sales has outperformed the last 10 years of growth.

It's not just consumer and retail, though.

Covid-19 has also dragged many firms in B2B sectors along and as a result, we've never had more B2B clients asking about our digital transformation services.

While our consulting focus is helping clients with top-level strategy and leadership alignment (the digital transformation brief), often people find it helpful to see some of the nitty-gritty tactics and implementation options that might be of use to them.

Sometimes you can look at what might be attractive tactics, and use this to work your way back to help define your ideal strategy. Other times, the tactics only pop out at the end.

So, here's our list of all the different levers you may be able to use to help improve customer outcomes and profitability.  

We’ve grouped them by whether they help Recruit, Retain or Realise the value of customers – more on that later.

Digital Levers For RECRUITING New Customers:

  1. Lead Magnets

  2. Community Building

  3. SEO

  4. Display Ads

  5. SEM

  6. Automation

  7. Digital Sales Funnels

  8. Cashbacks

  9. List Building

  10. Cart Abandonment

  11. Forms & Quizzes

  12. Endorsements

  13. Chat

  14. Reviews

  15. Webinars

  16. Promotions

  17. Facebook Ads

  18. Virtual Reality

  19. LinkedIn Ads

  20. Videos

  21. Augmented Reality

Digital Levers For RETAINING Customers:

  1. Customer Portals/Logins

  2. Social Engagement

  3. User Communities

  4. Onboarding Programmes

  5. Feedback Systems

  6. Customer Triggers

  7. Help Desk

  8. Loyalty Programmes

  9. Cross-Sell

  10. Customer Co-Creation

  11. Remarketing

  12. Open Source

  13. Follow-Up Offers

  14. Events

  15. Social Responsibility Programmes

  16. Artificial Intelligence

  17. Newsletters/Emails

  18. Automated Sequences

  19. Customer Education

  20. Promotional EDM's

  21. Digital Content

Digital Levers For REALISING the Value of your Customers:

  1. Pricing Analysis

  2. E-Commerce

  3. Lifetime Value (LTV) Optimisation

  4. Up-Sell

  5. Web Builds

  6. Application Build

  7. Supplementary Products

  8. Partnerships

  9. Customer Inspiration

  10. Referrals

  11. Complimentary Offers

  12. Payment Systems

  13. Subscription Models

  14. Wholesale Deals

  15. External Support

  16. Gamification

  17. Live Video

  18. Aftersales Service

  19. Innovative Channels

  20. Loyalty Schemes

  21. Personalisation

All of these digital levers are used by different firms, in varying combinations, to increase sales and transform digital experiences. (There are undoubtedly more - and yes, I know, I said "all" the levers... but if I had said "some" you wouldn't have been reading this)!

Now, obviously we are not recommending you do all of these tactics - even if you are planning a digital transformation project. The levers you should pull depend entirely on your market, your business and above all, your customer.

And the main thing we find gets in the way of effective accelerated digital transformation is a lack of alignment of your team on what you are trying to accomplish in the first place.

To help with this we use a tool - R3 - to help leaders and marketers plan their digital transformation.

For 8 years, this model has been our secret weapon.

Loosely based on a tool first used by Unilver in 1997 and it works as well today as it did back then. Customer led marketing was always in vogue at Unilever, now they call it exciting names like CEX and UX.

Introducing the R3 Digital Transformation Canvas

R3 focusses on the three most crucial aspects of any business; Recruiting customers, Retaining customers and Realising your customer's value. You can outline who your target market is for each 'R' and choose the digital levers which will help you reach your objectives.

We have used this tool extensively over 8 years and it works. We used to bring this out as the secret sauce for clients. But at this very odd time in human history, I thought we might as well give it away and see if it helps you. Our clients love it, and so will you.

Click here to get a high-quality PDF version – I simply ask for your email in exchange. Don't worry, I won't spam you. You'll just get some helpful bits and pieces delivered to your inbox every couple of weeks.

Naturally, if you're looking to review your digital offering, feel free to give me a call and I can take you through the canvas and help you begin your digital transformation. Let's chat!

Until next time,

Matt Braithwaite-Young


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